Every student who is admitted to the BCA & MCA Programme has to submit Synopsis and project in final year.  Project work is very important part of your course curriculum. This project work is kept in BCA & MCA programme to give you opportunity to develop quality software solution.  MCA student has to submit two projects during course curriculum (A MINI PROJECT IN SEM – 4 AND A MAJOR PROJECT IN SEM- 6). The project should be genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else.  If found copied, the project report will be forwarded to the Exam Discipline Committee of the University as an Unfair means case for necessary action.


  • Generally,  students  opted  project  as  Hotel  Management, Hospital  Management,  Library  Management,  Railway ticket booking, Airline ticket booking  etc. These are very common topics and not so good for your academic records as well as performance evaluation.
  • We provide you a genuine and realistic topic.
  • We don’t copy synopsis and project from anywhere.
  • We provide Synopsis with 100% Approval.

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